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Selmers does not merely restrict itself to existing methods or techniques, but rather is constantly searching for economically attractive alternatives and new technologies. Selmers manages to always stay a step ahead in providing new solutions and creating extra value for its customers.

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Recent innovations

10 May 2019

High performance blast wheel

Optimize your internal steel pipe blasting process Selmers constantly strives to improve plants, equipment and processes for the pipe coating…
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14 February 2019

De-icing system

From concept to production in only 16 weeks! Selmers constantly strives to improve equipment and processes for the pipe coating…
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15 September 2018

Weld Seam Compensation system

Improved reduction of materials Selmers is constantly striving to improve equipment and processes for the pipe coating industry. Improvements in…
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Highlighted: Robotics

Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. Robots are ideal to use in dangerous environments, manufacturing processes or where humans cannot survive.

As the global leading supplier of pipe coating equipment, Selmers has extensive experience in the pipe coating process. Selmers thinks in terms of solutions that work best for our customers. When our customers choose Selmers robotics, they can expect complete system integration with state-of-the-art robots, technical support and training courses for operation. In addition, we develop robotic applications on request.

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Process optimization

Selmers’ continuous mission is to maintain its leading edge by making common processes more efficient and developing new solutions.

Product development

Our in-house engineering department takes your ideas to the next level and transforms them into great products. They are always ready and willing to take on a challenge.


We love sharing our knowledge with you. Selmers offers a wide range of relevant training courses, both theoretical as well as practical.


In our over 50 years of existence, our employees have acquired a world of experience, making Selmers the leading entity in the pipe coating industry it is today.

Up-to date

We keep on track with the latest innovations in the market and use this to improve our products.

Green choice

By reducing material demands and developing more efficient processes, we take our responsibility to make a sustainable future.

Skilled personnel

Smooth operation with employees familiar with operating and maintaining our equipment.