High performance blast wheel

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Optimize your internal steel pipe blasting process

Selmers constantly strives to improve plants, equipment and processes for the pipe coating industry. We present the new high performance blast wheel℗ for the internal mechanical blasting process. This for pipe diameters starting at OD 8″. Selmers dares to innovate, shares knowledge and cares about its customers!


In the internal mechanical blasting process the pipe surface is blast cleaned with dry-grit using a blast boom system. A highly concentrated stream of steel abrasive particles are projected at the surface. The goal is to remove rust, mill scale and contaminations in order to create the correct cleanness and surface roughness profile, beneficial for coating adhesion.

Internal Mechanical Pipe Blast Station


Working Principle

Surface cleaning is accomplished by high power mechanical blast wheels accelerating abrasives with high impact against the pipe surface. For this, abrasives are fed through a grit channel towards the center of the blast wheel. From there, due to high speed spinning of the blast wheel, the abrasives are centrifugally propelled by the blades and thrown against the steel pipe surface.

Our latest development: High performance blast wheel ℗

Improvements in comparison with the existing wheel design of the 6″ and 8” wheels:

* Precision cast process which results in minimal vibrations
* Integrated distributor and casing, so no adjustments required
* Reduced blast wheel change-over time
* Flow optimization of abrasives when entering the distributor area
* Optimized design of blades
* Higher output capacity

Technical Specification

Wheel diameter:
* 6” and 8”

Pipe diameter range:
* 8″ – 18”

* Selmers A-blast head
* Backwards compatible


* Improved capacity, quality and change-over time
* Less wear parts and downtime
* Reduction of operational costs
* More evenly distributed surface pattern
* Compatible with existing blasting equipment