Field Joint Blasting system

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Field joints are coated to protect the pipe joint against corrosion, mechanical damage and/or heat loss. Conventional field joint blasting is typically a time consuming manual operation, not without safety, health and environmental risks, since the process produces a lot of dust and thus also potential pollution. Furthermore the quality assurance demands a lot of effort and discipline.

Selmers’ Field Joint Blasters are developed to improve cycle times and to produce identical blasted joints considering roughness and cleanness. The devices Selmers offers are based on an automatic blast sequence, reliability and repeatability are on a high level. Selmers’ Field Joint Blasters have proven to be 60% quicker than conventional methods and have a very positive effect on Health, Safety & Environment.

Selmers manufactures blasting and coating devices for both onshore and offshore pipe laying. As per request field joint equipment is designed in accordance with customer’s requirements to be implemented on specific projects.

This system has been granted the 2015 IPLOCA New technologies Award sponsored by BP. The Adjudication Committee selected this entry because:

  • This tool improves HSE conditions for workers in the field.
  • It is a development coming from a contractor and a manufacturer working together.
  • It is an example of technology transfer from the offshore to the onshore industry.