Is your production facility future-proof?

Many organizations and companies, created and grown in an analog world, are hitting the current digital transformation. We believe that continuous innovation in automation is not only necessary to improve safety and efficiency, but is also inevitable for the pipe coating industry to remain competitive as automation and robotics continue to evolve.


Digitization: added value and return

The digital transformation has an impact on all aspects of your business. If you organize this properly on the basis of a digital strategy, it will give you a head start. That is why companies and organizations like to involve Selmers in their search for data solutions, which starts with the desire to improve.

Better connectivity: internally, but also with partners in your network or production chain
Substantial cost savings: due to improved uptime, less personnel, less consumption of resources, etc.   
Error reduction: automated manual operations eliminate human factor
Better decision-making: insight in real production data
Accelerate innovations: collected information can lead to innovation in products and services

Selmers Plant Management Software

Any production facility generates data on different levels, whether it is a sensor or data about an entire plant. However, this maze of data is not generic and is created by different systems. To get more insights into production data and to let it be beneficial, Selmers developed Selmers Plant Management Software (SPMS). SPMS structures the big data and makes relevant data visible and workable for assigned personnel across your organisation.

SPMS is a powerful interface with modules for Process, Maintenance, and HSE, allowing you to:

  • Optimize productivity
  • Increase uptime
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Improve HSE
  • Generate reports

Digital twin and virtual commissioning

During the design stage of a project Selmers makes a digital twin of the entire project, allowing us to simulate the software of a whole production facility in advance. We are focusing not only on optimizing the design and production process, but also on the commissioning process.

Design errors become visible at an early stage. As a result, adjustments are made early and fewer adjustments are required for the actual commissioning of a machine or complete plant. By first testing the commissioning virtually, the real commissioning process can be shortened by as much as 30%.

Tailor-made robotic solutions

Selmers has developed a range of robotic solutions which are valuable for the pipe processing industry and could be optimized for any specific production process. But above that, we would like to be challenged. If you are considering to optimize or automate your production, get in contact with us. We would be pleased to think together on the best fitting solution.

Data Security

For Selmers, as a process solution provider, the central element of the Industrial Security Concept is network security. This includes the protection of automation networks from unauthorized access and the checking of all interfaces to other networks, such as an office network and particularly remote access to the internet.

We are segmenting our plant network into individually protected automation cells that minimizes risks and increases security even further. This means that parts of a network, e.g. an IP subnet with specific equipment’s, are protected by a security appliance and thus the network is secured by segmentation. Devices within this ‘cell’ can be protected from unauthorized access from outside without affecting the real-time capability, performance or other functions.