De-icing system

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From concept to production in only 16 weeks!

Selmers constantly strives to improve equipment and processes for the pipe coating industry. Important values of Selmers are customer focus, reliability, innovative and exceeding expectations of the customer. In this newsletter we present a case study of a recent project in which our most important drivers come together perfectly.

The case

Coated pipes in a yard are covered with ice, snow and dirt and therefore can not be processed further. The first pipe load-out starts in four months, can you help us out?” 


Total solutions supplier

Concept design
Basically there were two major issues that had to be solved: get rid of the ice and snow and remove heavy dirt from the external surface as well as the internal pipe ends. After testing we presented the concept of crushing the ice and melting the left overs with hot water. This solved the two issues in a quick and cost efficient way. In terms of time and energy consumption, mechanical removal of ice saves on the heating capacity of the hot water basin, making the installation more sustainable.

Engineering and manufacturing
Detailed engineering for the entire process was done in house by our mechanical, electrical, software and robotic engineering departments. Short communication lines and the drive to create the best solutions have resulted in a reliable and innovative solution: a combination of mechanical engineering and a high level of automation including robotics.

Erection and commissioning
In order to complete the erectioning and commissioning within the time, Selmers started the erectioning phase simultaneous with the engineering phase. For example, Selmers started with the temporally foundation during the engineering phase, so that no delay would occur. Smart designed equipment and pre-programmed software have minimalized the duration of the erectioning and commissioning phase. The video below shows a timelapse of the erectioning, which took place in a period of only four weeks.

Full maintenance services

‘Your equipment is our care, we care now and in the future’ is the payoff of Selmers Global Services. This philosophy is well reflected in this project. Selmers also carries out the full maintenance of this project, supported by newly developed e-services such as the online Spare Part Catalog and Preventive Maintenance Software. Our highly-skilled team on site focuses on optimizing production and minimalizing downtime.

Customer focus

Selmers always listens carefully to what the customer wants, and even more important, what problems the customer wants to have solved. For this specific request we have worked closely with the customer, especially because of the tide time schedule and the uncertainty about how the problem could be solved best. Our customer is very satisfied with the solutions Selmers has delivered. During the engineering stage they even ordered a second, identical process line. At this moment both De-icing lines are processing 400+ pipes a day, which is 25% above expectations.

Automation and Robotics

In this highly automated configuration less personnel is needed compared to conventional methods. All actions at the pipes are automated, resulting in a high level of health and safety, e.g. two robots are cleaning the pipe ends with hot water of 150 bar, instead of personnel carrying out this job. It does not matter how dirty the pipes are, as the robot adapts to the amount of dirt on the pipe ends. Robotics also makes the system more flexible.

Short lead time

Thanks to good relations with our customer and suppliers, Selmers has succeeded in designing, manufacturing and commissioning the entire De-icing system in a very short time. From concept design to successful commissioning in only 16 weeks.