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The design of Selmers’ pipe coating systems is flexible in setup and allows for a variety of equipment configurations, depending on the type of operation, type of coating, coating specifications, ambient temperatures and space available.

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Selmers manufactures pipe coating equipment and plants for various types of coatings, mainly for anti-corrosion, mechanical protection, insulation, flow efficiency and weight increasing purposes. As with individual blasting machines, pipe coating plants are also available for numerous setups: for internal and external applications, small and large diameters, low and high capacities and continuous or one-shift operation.

  • Flexibility and ease of operation
  • Sufficient opportunities to incorporate future plant expansion
  • Easy plant foundation
  • Quick changeover times to other diameters
  • Continuous coating results
  • High accuracy equipment resulting in savings on coating materials

External Coating

Corrosion protection is the main purpose of external coated pipes. However, additional coating systems can be applied to increase for instance the weight or insulation.

Typical external coatings are Liquid Coating, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), Polyurethane (PU), Multi-layer PP/PE, Polyurethane Foam (PUF), Concrete Weight Coating (CWC), Coal Tar and anti-corrosion tape.

  • Well protected pipes
  • Reliable technique
  • Versatile scope of equipment

Internal Lining

The transmission of dry gas, sour gas, (potable) water, sewage or oil often requires the application of either a flow-efficiency coating and/or an anti-corrosion coating inside the pipe. The most common internal pipe coatings are airless, liquid spray coats (applied hot or cold), Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder and Cement Mortar Lining (CML).

  • Quality lining results
  • Safe operating environment
  • Efficient process

Field Joint Coating

The Selmers field joint coating equipment is all about flexibility. The compact yet sturdy design makes for easy placement on pipes by a knuckle boom truck crane. The ingenious rotating system guides the coating nozzles over the pipe surface in an efficient zig-zag pattern, minimizing material use and cycle time.

  • Low weight
  • Low material use
  • Consistent and high quality coating results
  • Easy clamp-on system
  • Ingenious coating mechanism

Offshore / Nearshore Coating

Selmers has several solutions for joint coating systems on S-lay and J-lay vessels. The coating systems can be supplied either for the application of liquid epoxy or PU coatings, for powder epoxies, powder adhesive or extruded top coatings, such as injection moulded polypropylene (IMPP) or polyurethane (IMPU). Selmers also provides the heating equipment required before the application of certain coatings, like FBE coating.

  • Quick clamp-on devices
  • Turn-key systems
  • High quality coating
  • Custom developed solution for your vessel

Pipe coating types

In the world of pipe coating, there are many types of coating materials, all with different characteristics, purposes and methods of application. Discover here which solutions Selmers offers for different coating principles.


It is essential before a coating application takes place, that the surface is properly prepared to optimize the bonding of the coating layers and to improve the lifetime of the pipe(lines).


To process pipes, they must be transported along the machinery, work stations or buffer positions. Selmers provides a large variety of pipe handling systems to transport pipes safely and efficiently from A to B.


Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. Selmers develops and integrates robotic process solutions, whether it is a tailor-made solution or a Selmers robotic application.


Selmers stands for reliable equipment that can do the job. In all layers of the organisation there is a focus on quality, safety, health and environment to ensure production is optimised and risks are reduced to a minimum.


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