Selmers’ Global Services can provide training assistance for the period prior to and after the commissioning of the plant. ‘Selmers Academy’ provides additional background and in-depth information of the operation systems of the plant, logistics, maintenance, and so on. This has shown to be very useful to pipe blasting, coating and handling plant crew members, particularly for new employees. They will learn quickly and more easily to understand the machinery and the periphery surrounding it. In turn, this enables them to operate the coating plant to its full capabilities in an efficient manner, which obviously is beneficial for the plant owner.

Please check out the variety of all our training programs below.

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Why Selmers Academy?

Our custom-made training programs has shown to be very useful to all crew members in all layers of a pipe blasting, coating and handling orientated organization. Especially our operator training teaches operators how to optimize the blasting and coating process, which will results in a significant improvement of the blasting and coating performance. Besides comprehensive operator training, Global Services offers several more training programs like maintenance, logistic, general or programs on request.

For Example: a complete operator team of a pipe blasting, coating and handling plant were trained by one of our experienced trainers. The training has resulted in more educated and dedicated operators, which additionally saved the coating plant over 15% less consumption of epoxy powder.

Benefits of the Selmers Academy program

  • Significant improvement of knowledge about specific machinery
  • Significant improvement of pipe blasting, coating and handling performance
  • Cost savings due to more efficient use of machinery and raw materials
  • Less downtime

How Global Services supports?

Depending on the nature of the custom-made training program, Global Services can provide the training on-site, in-home at Selmers in the Netherlands or remote. It is also possible to receive a training program with a subject on request. For emergency calls please use phone number (+31) 251 729555.

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