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Our partners are assured of the highest availability of original spare parts possible. To maintain the highest standards for equipment it is very important the right type of spare parts and from the right supplier is used in case of replacement. It would be a pity when replaced spare parts affects the production process in time, efficiency or costs. Selmers is continually innovating spare parts to ensure optimal production performance.

Spare parts Selmers Global Services

Why Spare parts?

Pipe blasting, coating and handling equipment of Selmers can be found all over the world. All supplied equipment and process lines have been recorded by Global Services, so we are aware of the whole history of events of a particular piece of equipment. We care about all our partners. Especially Selmers partners will experience the benefits of Selmers spare parts, but also incidental orders of spare parts are in good hands at Global Services. Spare parts of Selmers can also be considered for none-Selmers equipment or process lines with the purpose to upgrade performance and reliability.

For example: Global Services received an order for a particular spare part and noticed the durability was the half of what it should have been. Global Services informed the blasting company that the excessive consumption of that spare part probably has been caused by wrong adjustment of the blasting equipment. After a quick inspection, the adjustment has been optimized with less consumption of spare parts and raw materials as result.

Benefits of our Spare parts program

  • The right spare parts for the right equipment, Global Services is pleased to help out our partners to find the right parts
  • Most of the spare parts are manufactured by Selmers, therefore delivery time is reduced to a minimum
  • Spare parts are continually developed to ensure optimal equipment performance

How Global Services supports

Global Services has access to a full record of the history of events to determine the right parts. Our spare parts can easily be ordered by telephone or email. Of course our Global Services team can help find the right part of equipment. To be ensured of easy and quick transportation Selmers is located in the city of Beverwijk, which is very near to harbor and airport facilities. For emergency calls please use phone number (+31) 251 729555.

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