Rebuilds, Relocations & Upgrades


Global Services focuses on keeping pipe blasting, coating and handling systems state-of-the-art by offering new technologies and software/hardware upgrade packages. Global Services will keep the equipment running with optimal performance. If you have plans to invest in production capabilities, Global Services can provide a wide variety of solutions to improve or rebuilt an aging system. Complete relocations of pipe blasting, coating and handling plants is also part of our various scoop of expertise.

Rebuilds, Relocations & Upgrades

Why Rebuilds, Relocations & Upgrades?

We focus on keeping existing equipment at the highest level of performance by offering new technologies and upgrade packages designed to fulfill our partner’s needs. Outdated pipe blasting coating and handling plants inevitably drop back in capacity and performance. Global Services provides constructive solutions to rebuild aging process lines into state-of-the-art process lines. Outdated parts of pipe blasting, coating and handling process lines will be replaced and additional equipment will be added.

For example: a 22 year old pipe blasting, coating and handling plant is heavily subjected to the aging process by means of production speed, performance, capacity and consumption of raw materials. After inspection and advice, Global Services proposed to rebuilt the plant with several upgrades of equipment and new features like ‘weld seam detection’ and ‘electronic powder flow control module’, which let to approximately 15% less usage of PP/PE and 18% less usage of FBE.

Benefits of the Rebuilds, Relocations & Upgrades Program

  • Improve speed, performance capacity production process
  • Expand capacity
  • Improve reliability
  • Stay up-to-date as regards quality, quantity, standards and safety procedures
  • Keep your habituated production plant on another site

How Global Services supports

Based on the full record of the history of events, Global Services keeps up the possibility for partners to upgrade whenever this could be beneficial for our partners by meaning of production speed, performance, capability of consumption of raw materials. We care about our partners and their equipment. In case of rebuild or relocation Global Services will act as a reliable partner keeping all needs in mind. For emergency calls please use phone number (+31) 251 729555.

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