Inspection & Advice


We care about equipment supplied by Selmers even after commissioning, because we care about our partners. Global Services provides technical inspection & advice of specific machinery as well as complete plants. There are four major reasons why inspections should be considered, namely:

  • To determine if the equipment is still working under the same circumstances as initially was intended
  • To determine if the equipment is still working within the latest standards compared to standards used at the time of installation
  • To determine defects and errors
  • To determine if all adjustments are still most efficient
  • To determine the condition of maintenance and safety procedure

Inspection & Advice

Why Inspection & Advice?

Especially for pipe blasting, coating and handling equipment or plants, which made a lot of operating hours, it is very beneficial to preform inspection on a regular base. Of course incidental inspections can be very useful to determine (upcoming) failures or inefficiency in the pipe blasting, coating and handling process. Selmers strongly advise to set up scheduled inspections to improve the durability and efficiency of the production process. For the best care of equipment a service contract could be considered.

For example: Global Services has been asked to run an inspection and advice for a spool base process. The findings of the inspections concluded one part was heavily subjected to wastage, very close to total failure. Based on the inspection, Global Services advised to replace the spare part in the next scheduled maintenance sequence. Instead of waiting the spool base process locks down in the middle of a production process. The consequence would have been unnecessary downtime, in this case 80 crew member would have been hold up.

Benefits of the Inspection & Advice program

  • Insight how to keep pipe blasting, coating and handling equipment and processes up-to-date according the latest standards and safety procedures
  • Insight how to improve the quality and quantity of pipe blasting, coating and handling equipment and processes
  • Cost savings due to more efficient use of machinery and raw materials
  • Less downtime

How Selmers Global Services supports

First of all Global Services and our partner will determine the needs of an inspection. That could be a total inspection of a complete process line as well as inspection of specific equipment or specific research area. Global Services keeps full record of the history of event, whereby regular inspections are very useful to compare process parameters. For emergency calls please use phone number (+31) 251 729555.

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