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Global Services is at your service! With over 50 years of experience, Selmers is an internationally leading supplier of an extended range of machinery for the pipe blasting, coating and handling industry. Our care does not stop after successful commissioning of a pipe coating plant. However, Selmers’ Global Services wants to take care during the complete lifetime of our supplied equipment. We Care!

Global Services - We Care - Spare parts, Training, Services, Warranty

We are determined to share our expertise and reliability with our partners in the best manner possible. This special partner-minded service provides our partners a lot of significant benefits like cost savings, enhancing equipment and process performance by tailor-made solutions in the field of training, inspection, advice and remote support.

Selmers Global Services


What Global Services does?

Depending on the needs of our partners, Global Services is pleased to offer a custom-made package of services. Particularly to determine the needs of our partners, Global Services works with Quality Service Teams, which consist of an account manager and a service technician. The wide scope of services which Global Services provides, consists of:

Benefits of Selmers’ Global Services

  • In-house expertise and reliability
  • Less consumption of spare parts and raw materials
  • Optimized and state-of-the art equipment and process lines at all time
  • Measure up to the latest standards and safety procedures
  • Expense predictability
  • Think in solutions

Eliminate unnecessary failures

It is needless to say failures in the production process lead to extra costs, extra downtime and frustration within an organization. A variety of failures can easily be prevented by a well set-up inspection and maintenance protocol and training. Most of the failures in process lines are caused by misuse of the operating systems, which simply can be prevented by proper training of operators.

Our Global Services Team at your service

Global Services acts as the central coordinator for all Selmers partners and assists in requests for information, field service and maintenance requests, and spare parts from the moment the plant has been commissioned. Selmers keeps full record of the history of events. This enables clients to always speak to the same employee, who knows the full history of the plant and can therefore respond in the most effective manner possible. Our multi-lingual technical professionals are fully available to support anytime and anywhere in the world. For emergency calls please use phone number (+31) 251 729555.

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