Selmers Peeling Resistance Tester

Essential in your scope of QC equipment is the latest Selmers Peeling Resistance Tester. The S-PRT-2500 is used to perform the peel strength test. More specifically, it tests the bond between the adhesive/PE (or PP) top coat layers and the FBE layer. The peel strength test measures the force required to peel the top coating from the pipe at a constant pull rate.

peeling unit          peeling tester3


The S-PRT 2500 can be used in accordance with the various standards;

  • DIN 30670:2012-04 (PE) – Annex D / Figure D.2
  • DIN 30678:2013-09 (PP) – Annex D / Figure D.2
  • ISO 21809 – 1 (July 2011) – Annex C / Procedure 3.3 / Figure C.2
  • more upon request

Technical Specification

  • Maximum peeling force: 2500N
  • Peeling length: between 90 and 140 mm, depending on type of requirement
  • Sample width: 20 – 50 mm
  • Maximum sample thickness: 10 mm
  • Pipe diameter range: 4½” (114.3 mm) and larger
  • Peeling speed: 10 mm/min

Advantages of the Selmers Peeling Resistance Tester, type S-PRT-2500

  • Peeling test results are automatic generated in a report according the selected standard
  • Highly accurate in peeling speed and force
  • Automatic correction in order to maintain 90° peeling angle
  • Test results can be transferred by USB connection port, LAN or WiFi
  • Several options available, such as: battery pack, larger touchscreen and WiFi connection