Selmers Cathodic Disbonding Tester

The Selmers Cathodic Disbonding Tester is designed to test the resistance of the coating against disbonding, whilst the coating is subjected to electrical stress in a highly conductive, alkaline electrolyte.

disbonding tester


The CD-tester is designed to test the coating according to ASTM G8 and is also suitable for most standards for example NACE RP0394, DIN 30670, DIN 30678, NF A 49-711, ASTM G42, ASTM G95 and more upon request.

Technical specification

  • Up to 8 tests simultaneously
  • Operating system with touch screen
  • Data export in *.csv format for easy view in MS Excel and other standard programs
  • Data connections with USB 2.0 and RJ-45 LAN connection
  • Web interface for remote view of live measurements


  • Test leads
  • Platinum anodes
  • Reference electrodes (Ag/AgCl)


  • Voltage and current measurements accuracy better than 0,01%
  • Long life platinum wire electrodes (other types may be used as well, depending on applied standard)
  • Updateable operation system for future standards
  • Automatic correction for testing at different temperatures
  • Automatic correction for testing with different reference electrodes