Pipe coating equipment

Pipe coating equipment, numerous types of coatings

Selmers manufactures pipe coating equipment and plants for various types of coatings, mainly for anti-corrosion, insulation, flow efficiency, and weight increase purposes. As with the individual blasting machines, pipe coating plants are also available for numerous setups: for internal and external applications, small and large diameters, low and high capacities, and continuous or one-shift operation.

Selmers looks further

Selmers distinguishes itself in the approach towards plant design, meaning that Selmers looks further than merely the operation of the plant itself. In the design, special attention is given to aspects such as:

  • flexibility and ease of operation
  • sufficient opportunities to incorporate future plant expansion
  • easy plant foundation
  • quick changeover times to other diameters
  • design with reasonable overdimensioning

Other focus points

Other focus points in the design are affordability, the use of standard and widely available components, efficiency in operation, and reliability of the equipment. Selmers’ engineers put a great deal of effort on maintaining these focus points, for which they have access to 3-dimensional AutoCAD Inventor design facilities, which gives the construction engineer an optimum feeling with his design.

Most common pipe coating equipment

The following is a selection of the most common types of pipe coating equipment in Selmers its product range, although variants on this selection and other types of coating applications are also possible.

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