Internal pipe blasters for small to large pipes

Internal pipe blasters for pipes of 2″ up to 140″

Internal pipe blasters are available for pipes from 2″ up to 140″ and, as a special design, for pipes as small as ½”. The pipe blasters can operate using compressed air or a mechanical driven turbine (not for the smallest diameters).

Compressed air blasting systems and mechanical turbine blasters

Compressed air (also known as pneumatic air) blasting systems can handle up to 6 pipes simultaneously. Mechanical turbine blasters are more common. These come with easily exchangeable blast booms for diameters from 8″ and up and extra high capacities. Mechanical turbine blasters are more efficient and consume less power than compressed air blasters.

Blasting stations

All internal blasting stations are fitted with pipe front-end and rear-end enclosure cabins, abrasive reclaim system, dust separation, internal pipe support for the blast boom(s), and drive cars to insert the boom into the pipe and vice versa.