Offshore field joint equipment

Field joint blasting and coating equipment

The offshore field joint blasting and coating equipment that Selmers manufactures is used on pipelaying vessels. The operation can be both for S-lay and J-lay vessels, meaning that Selmers has equipment designs for horizontal and vertical operations, respectively.

More stringent demands

As the demands for joint coating quality and pipelaying speed are becoming increasingly stringent, a great deal of attention shall be given to effective blasting (heating) and the actual coating. Selmers offers quick clamp-on joint blasters that enclose the bare joint area and that can quickly blast-clean the joint surface by means of either turbine blasting or air blasting. These machines include blast grit recovery. Selmers can also provide the heating equipment required after blasting for some coatings.

Field joint coating with polyurethane

For field joint coating with polyurethane, Selmers can supply the polyurethane formulating equipment with the mould injectors and the aggregate supply equipment.

Field joint coating with PP

Field joints for insulated pipes may require so-called injection moulded polypropelene (IMPP). Selmers has this special type of extrusion equipment within its’ scope of work.

Quick clamp-on devices

The coating machines are also available as quick clamp-on devices and can be supplied either for the application of liquid coatings, for powder epoxies, powder adhesive, and for spray top coats or extruded top coats.

Field joint coating with marine mastic

Selmers also offers the full range of required equipment for field joint coating with marine mastic, such as crushers, kettle loaders, melt kettles, mastic transfer buckets, and the bucket conveying system.