Pipe end cleaning systems

Pipe end cleaning

Pipe end cleaning systems

After a pipe has been coated, pipe end cleaning is necessary to create cutbacks, a clean surface in order to weld the pipe ends to each other to create a pipeline. Selmers offers a range of pipe end cleaning systems to clean the cutbacks:

  • Pipe end brush system
  • Pipe end peeling system
  • Tape application unit


Pipe end brush system

The pipe end cleaning station consists of two carriages with brushes and a dust filter. The pipe end brushing system cleans the pipe end with a steel brush and removes all of the PE/PP, adhesive and epoxy layer. Pipe end brush systems are commonly used to clean 3LPE/PP coated pipes, however the system can also be used for FBE coated pipes.

Selmers supplies different types of brushing systems, according to the used pipe sizes and capacity. Depending on the job different types are brushing units can be used; one main brush, one main brush with top brush, two main brushes or three main brushes. The brush is made of wear resistant material and driven by an electric motor.

Pipe end cleaning                       Pipe end cleaning


Pipe end peeling system

The system clears the pipe ends over a certain length by means of peeling-off the coating under the utilisation of special cutting knives. This provides a smooth transition (chamfer) from the pipe coating to the pipe body by leaving the epoxy toe in place. Usually pipe end peeling systems are used for 3LPE/PP coated pipes.

Pipe end cleaning                       Pipe end cleaning


Tape application unit

Our newest solution protects operators from hands getting caught by rotating pipes while taping cutbacks. Selmers believes this occupational hazard could simply be avoided with the Tape Application unit. This makes pipe end cleaning easier and even more important more SAFE. Selmers cares for the health and safety of your personnel, therefore we make our equipment as safe as we can.

The Tape Application unit can be used to protect the pipe cutback with tape. With the pipe ends taped the applied pipe coating can be removed by peeling with advantage that brushing can be avoided. This system is developed in order to increase the safety level of the pipe coating area and to achieve a better result for cutback coating removal.

Pipe end cleaning                       IMG_0458

Advantages Tape Application unit

  • Safety advantage because physical pipe contact from operator is no longer required
  • Brushing of cutback might be avoided
  • Better cleaning result as no FBE material will be present in the pores of the pipe
  • Easy integration (pneumatics and electrical) in existing lines/plants
  • Suitable for tapes up to a width of 100mm or wider on request
  • Clean tape start and stops every cycle
  • Ease of operation by laser guidance indicator
  • TA-unit can be equipped with two tape heads (L+R version) to improve tape alignment, create redundancy and for operator convenience.


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