Cement Mortar Lining (CML) equipment

Pipes carrying potable water or sewage

Another application of concrete, or in most cases cement mortar, is for lining pipes that carry potable water or sewage. The Cement Mortar Lining (CML) equipment which Selmers manufactures for this application are versatile and can basically be divided into two groups:

  • factory applied
  • in-situ applied (usually for rehabilitation work or in case of larger pipes)

Factory applied linings

For factory applied linings, Selmers has all of the required equipment in its product range, such as the high speed pipe spinning tables, by belt or by wheels; the CM applicator, by centrifuge or by pouring; and the CM batching plant and pipe handling equipment.

Linings applied on site

For linings applied on site, Selmers has developed a cart applicator in which a remote controlled or operator controlled machine is sent into the buried pipe to apply the CM lining. Prior to this process, the pipeline is cleaned, for which Selmers also supplies the necessary equipment such as scrapers and plungers. For small pipe diameters, the equipment can be fitted with a camera. The CM is fed to the applicator cart by means of a long hose or by a shuttle cart bringing in batches of CM.