Other pipe blasters

Very large diameter blasters

For use with pipes with a diameter larger than 140″ (such as sewer pipes, fall-out pipes, wind tower cones or hydropower station pipes), Selmers provides special blasting equipment, operating inside or outside the pipe, either for shop operations or in-situ operations. Blasting machines are mobile or for fixed position and include an abrasive recycling system with dust separation. Operation is by means of air or by a mechanical driven turbine.

Rebar Blasters

Multi-turbine blasting machines are specially designed for the cleaning of steel reinforcement bars for concrete constructions. Available for simultaneous blasting from 6 up to 16 rebars and suitable for high linear speeds. The blasting machines are fitted with abrasive recycling and a dust separation system.

Special blasting equipment

Special blasting equipment is available for applications such as:

  • Ultra high pressure water blasting
  • Ice blasting (to treat special metals or for applications for which abrasives cannot be used or reclaimed)
  • Blasting of stainless steel products
  • Blasting of pipe bends and fittings