Pipe blasting equipment

Pipe Blasting, the process

As part of the blasting process, the pipe surface is blasted to remove rust and contaminant and to create the proper surface roughness and cleanness to enable further treatment. Our pipe blasting equipment is your solution.

All requirements for cleaning pipes covered

Selmers offers pipe blasting equipment, as well as internal pipe blasters and external pipe blasters, to meet all cleaning needs for small or large diameter pipes, and for low and high capacities.

Any type of abrasive

The standard machine is based on the use of metal abrasives, however, for special application requirements, designs for other type of abrasives – such as sand, corundum, water, or ice – are also available.

Air blasting or mechanically driven turbine blasting

Depending on the diameter and required capacity, the machine can be configured for air blasting or mechanically driven turbine blasting. The cleaned surface conforms to internationally applied standards such as the Swedish SIS standard.

Pipe blasting equipment

The design of Selmers’ blasting machines is given special attention, mainly:

  • minimizing wear
  • quick changeover times to other diameters
  • customizing the machine to the specific operational circumstances
  • ease of operation

Maximum performance, compact design

Selmers is able to generate the maximum performance for a machine while keeping the design compact, ergonomic, and cost efficient. Selmers has comprehensive experience on this subject, which makes it possible to provide proven and economic implementations.

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