Pipe handling equipment offshore

Full deck handling equipment

The offshore pipe handling equipment supply capabilities of Selmers are wide and versatile. Selmers can supply the full deck handling equipment for standard lay-barge, such as the V-type support rollers (fixed, liftable, or pivot), firing line rollers, line-up tables, and transverse conveyors.

More complex pipe handling

Selmers also offers solutions for more complex pipe handling, such as pipe elevators (single or multijoint), hoisting equipment, adjustable launch tables for work tools, walking beams, indexers, and so on.

Full electric and hydraulic control

All of the equipment solutions come equipped with full electric and hydraulic control, either hooked up to the existing infrastructure on the barge or supplied as standalone controls.

Specific standards or requirements

Designs and services can be adapted to allow them to be in full accordance with specific marine standards and/or requirements of certifying authorities.

More information about our offshore pipe handling equipment?

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