Field joint blasting and coating

Field joint blasting

The steel pipe surface is blasted in order to insure the right level of cleanness and roughness prior to the field joint coating.

Field joint coating

Field joints are coated to protect the pipe joint against corrosion, mechanical damage and/or heat loss.

Onshore and offshore use

Selmers has designed and manufactured an innovative product line for field joint blasting and coating. The equipment  can meet requirements for onshore projects, spoolbases, S-lay or J-lay vessels and can be stand-alone or integrated.

The product line consists of heating units, blasting units (vacuum or wheel blast), FBE powder coating units, and a PUR foam coating unit and are designed for use both onshore and offshore. The stand-alone units are placed on a pipe using a crane and are immediately ready for use.

Automatic and manual equipment

All of the equipment is automatic. However, we can also supply manual equipment. We have similar equipment for total pipeline rehabilitation. Please click here for more information.

As we work on custom specifications, please contact our sales department for your (specific) questions or queries.

IPLOCA New Technologies Award

The design of the onshore field joint blaster is rewarded with the 2015 IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP. Read more.