Field equipment

From line-up to pipeline rehabilitation

In addition to the stationary coating plants, Selmers also provides field equipment for:

  • line-up and multi-jointing equipment for pipe spool bases
  • coating of pipe joints after welding
  • internal lining of pipes and pipe joints
  • pipeline rehabilitation projects

 From joint coating to rehabilitation work

The Selmers product range includes:

  • coal tar / bitumen enamel heating kettles and application equipment (rehabilitation work)
  • tape wrapping machines (for joint coatings)
  • line blasters (rehabilitation)
  • liquid coating machines (rehabilitation work / joint coating)
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating machines (joint coating)
  • on-site cement and liquid epoxy lining machines

Total solution supply

Depending on the diameter of the pipe, this equipment is either self-propelled or handled by a side boom. Selmers can also provide the auxiliary equipment, such as power generators, air compressors, induction heaters, and so on, as part of a total solution.

More information about our field equipment?

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