Selmers history

The pipe coating business

Selmers was founded in 1966 as a privately owned engineering company with clients such as cable networks and television networks. After several years, Selmers came into contact with pipeline manufactures that worked together frequently in the Netherlands on laying gas pipelines from the Netherlands to the rest of Europe. In 1959, the extensive Slochteren natural gas field was discovered in the north of the Netherlands. To this day the gas field, which contained approximately 2800 billion cubic meter of gas, is still a major source of natural gas. Starting at that time, Selmers shifted its focus to the pipe coating business. Initially Selmers manufactured mainly field coating equipment, and later began manufacturing entire coating plants. Since 1995, the headquarters and manufacturing divisions have been located in Beverwijk, the Netherlands.

From local to international

Over the years, Selmers has grown from a local engineering company for the oil and gas sector in the Netherlands to become a leading international supplier to the pipe manufacturing, pipe coating and onshore and offshore pipeline construction industry. As part of its growth, Selmers established an Eastern European branch in Moscow to serve as a link between the Dutch company and its customers in the CIS countries. This branch office, conversely, focuses solely on commercial, financial, and administrative tasks. Selmers also has an office in the USA (Houston) and Brasil (Sao Paulo).

Current main activities

Today, Selmers has approximately 130 employees and still is a privately owned company. Selmers works on custom specifications and therefore supplies tailor made solutions worldwide. The company has a comprehensive international track record and is considered highly knowledgeable. The current main activities of Selmers are the design, development, manufacture, construction, assembly, and commissioning of plant lines, systems, and/or system parts for:

  • pipe blasting, cleaning and coating of steel pipes for the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industry
  • pipe handling equipment for steel pipes

Selmers also provides after sales service, including spare parts.