Ambition: more than supplying blasting and coating equipment

From design to takeover of blasting and coating equipment

The ambition of Selmers is not only to supply blasting and coating equipment, but also to provide clients with real project assistance that starts of the conceptual design stage, and continues all the way until the startup and takeover of the equipment or plant. To achieve this, Selmers does not merely restrict itself to existing methods or techniques, but rather is always in search of economically attractive alternatives and new technologies. This is achieved by investing continually in high-quality staff and in improving internal processes in the company.

Always a step ahead

Selmers recognizes that the specific know-how, experience, and social skills of its employees, combined with the high quality of its products, are the central strength of its operations. Based on its ambition, Selmers manages to always stay a step ahead in providing new solutions and creating surplus customer.